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The scope of our activity.....


     Our scientific base consists of two laboratories: one for students and the laboratory exercises, and second devoted for the advances research on the area of soil mechanics. All together the area at our laboratories covers ca. 500 m2. The research laboratory is equipped in 5 modern 3-axial apparatus with continuously changing load or displacement including pore water pressure measurements; 10 oedometers for the measurements of elasticity modulus; 5 direct shear stress apparatus; 2 devices for permeability coefficients; advanced device for sieve curve performance using continuous flow of stream of drains and particles, frame with controlled load for samples with plastic and elastic phase of settlement direct shear device (big box) for estimation the influence of the geotextile presence on the soil features and all the standard apparatus for routine tests.

     The field measurements equipment consists at: CPTU probe GEOTECH 220-10; Borro cone penetrometer, CPT van den Berg, drilling devices, set for seismic- acoustic tests, and truck for transporting all the equipment. So our laboratory can cover the whole area of engineering activity and can be used for all the engineering problems.

     Our specialization is the behavior of soft soils (peat) since the Region is placed at the Odra river mouth and the Baltic Sea. We have developed advanced models of peat consolidation and the pore pressure dissipation under natural conditions. So the were used in many practical cases. Broad area of our scientific activity is also devoted to the problem of environmental engineering:

  •     consolidation theory and soft soil reinforcement,
  •      Soil improvmenty
  •      using geotextiles in engineering practice,
  •     sea coast protection, offshore lithodynamics,
  •     river bed stability analysis.
  •     water and soil contamination problems.
  •      We are very active in international and domestic scientific associations and committees:

    • Polish Academy of Science

    • -Committee of Construction and Hydroengineering,

      -Committee of Water Management

      -Committee of Sea Research,

    • International Association of Soil Mechanics and Foundation Engineering,

    • International Geothermal Association,

    • International Association for Hydraulic Research

     and many geothermal committees, an organize currently our Annual Scientific Conference Regional Problems of Environmental Engineering since 1984.

         The results of the research have been published in many scientific and technical journals. The list of chosen papers of the members of the Dept. of Geotechnology is shown on our www. Part of the research was implemented in erected constructions in Poland and abroad. The Department cooperates with many companies in Poland and abroad. Among the other we cooperate with: Energopol S.A.Co; Aarslef Co; Erbud S.A. Co; Ekoinvest S.A.; Ciroko Ltd Co; Calbud Ldt Co; GCO Ltd Co; Trakt Ltd Co; Geoprojekt Ltd Co.

         The department also cooperate with many scientific center Universities abroad. Among others: Technical University of Berlin; LGA Neurberg; Fachhochschule Oldenburg, in Sweden Technical University of Lund, University of Kalmar, in Great Britain, University of Wolverhampton, Imperial College of Science and Technology of London, University of Bradford, Bullen and Partners Co., in The Netherlands, Hanzehogeschool Groningen, Hogeschool Zeeland in Vlissingen, Grondmechanica Delft and Grondmij in Utrecht.

         The Department proceeds didactic activity. We give lectures on Soil Mechanics, Foundation, Geology, Hydrogeology, Earth Works, Foundation Technology for Civil Engineering courses in our Faculty. As it has been pointed out above, the Department of Geotechnical Engineering co-operates with many scientific, academic and industrial centers in Poland and all over Europe.


    The Head of the Department

    Professor Zygmunt MEYER


    Szczecin, January, 2011